Memphis May Fire – Virus (Official Music Video)


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I feel like he's sinking into
It's under my skin
All right in my blood
It's in my bones

I taste it on my tongue
This poison fills my lungs
But I will not let him fill my soul

Because I know …

When I fight
I remember why I'm still alive
I want what's left inside

You are just a virus
and I did not come here to die

You made me wonder if
I wanted to exist
You were the venom in my veins

But now I see the truth
The enemy was you
My time will come but not today

Because I know …

With open eyes
I see the Light
My mind is animated

I stand on
My will is strong
I know I will survive

The end is near
I will not be scared
No reason to stay hidden

The veil is gone
J & # 39; advance
I take back my life

Directed by Caleb Mallery.



41 thoughts on “Memphis May Fire – Virus (Official Music Video)”

  1. I'm just starting to get into Memphis may fire and I think this is a fine song. You don't always have to go heavy all the time. Clean songs are a nice change of pace every now and again

  2. Obviously everyone must have just forgot that there has been multiple collaboration efforts with Matty and Papa Roach and Jacoby and MMF….It should not come as a surprise that they are sounding so similar

  3. Not even 1million views…. Go back to the shit that gave you over 1million, easy! Sorry Memphis, you've been one of my fav bands for a long time, and I'm all for bands going in a different direction, but this was NOT the way to go. Go back to the heavy shit!

  4. I’ve followed Memphis since their first ep. always going to love songs like the sinner and sleepwalking plus cowbells making a comeback. But this song is fuckin awesome. Bash it if you want. They will bring the heavy stuff back every band does. But for right now for those of you who can’t actually sing or scream worth a damn just jam along and “keep your mouth shut, just keep your mouth shut. Ignorance, ignorance..”

  5. Wow from The Hollow to this. What a shame. I understand trying new things but why would you abandoned the sound that made you big lol why i don't listen to this music anymore because its all radio bullshit now

  6. I’m not gonna say it’s bad music, because people can have their preferences. Some people think this is good and that’s great. Me personally… I don’t know how a band puts out an album such as The Haunted and progress into something like this. It doesn’t seem like much progression at all.

    I’m really trying not to be a hater when saying what I am… cause I respect other people to look at this music from a different light… but there is no way possible they’re putting as much effort into their music as much as they had once before.

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