How do I make videos about viral foods

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  1. Allright but how do I use those things to make my own recipes that go viral?
    I mean my Vegan Pizza recipe was pretty neat, but it didn't go viral.. And I even suggest people to use other toppings if they like!

  2. Je suis française et si par hasard quelqu'un de français regarde les vidéo de tasty bah….faite moi signe ??


  4. I actually graduated from high school with a management certification, Culinary was the best class and now I have all these ideas for food and I have no outlet to get them out if there’s a tasty kitchen in Texas I would love to intern there and explore varieties of foods and services!!!

  5. Dropping out 2 weeks before college is the stupidest thing you could ever do in your entire life

  6. How to make viral food videos: use previous food videos and just change the title every so often so more people click.

  7. This is literally why people love you.

  8. I love her ?❤️ med degree and passion for the cooking field ??‍♀️☹️ I hope I have courage just like hers

  9. you blatantly copied the watermelon one from mark rober, why are you proud of yourself?

  10. i would never eat that i hate bananas lol

  11. Do you know that aligot is from france?

  12. You did not create the “skinned watermelon” idea, you made the video because Mark made the same video before you that got 50mil views.

  13. “So i went to sweden” “i have a wild soul” no, no you dont. You have wild amounts of family money. Smh.

  14. We NEED an Alix personal youtube channel

  15. Her laugh is so cute. She is just like me. I would make my siblings mad by watching food network when they wanted to watch cartoons. Everyone knew i was going to be a chef. One day my computer teacher was going around guessing what everyone would be when they grew up. It was completely based on what he knew from the few months that he knew us. And he said i was goimg to be a chef. And guess who became a chef?

  16. Wow Alex is actally my Idol! I started a food blog so I could be just like her one day! Love u lots! ❤️