How to make a viral video Ft. Naveen Richard, Sumukhi, Srishti and Shayan | BuzzFeed India

Neil Menon (Naveen) and Sumukhi Chawla (Sumukhi) of the Better Life Foundation came to make a viral video for their NGO and we did not disappoint. To find out more about their NGO, you can watch it on a platform that did not pay us money to mention them. But thanks Naveen & Sumukhi. You were great.

Produced by Akash Iyer.

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  2. Holy sh*t, I’m ? myself now from this bull ? ??????

  3. Here’s to anyone if they are thinking of not pooping for one month as a challenge: DON’T DO IT! Scientists speculate that if you did not poop for one week, you will die due to the amount of waste accumulating in your body. Don’t do it!

  4. You want views? We'll give you all the views you want man! But PLEASE IMPROVE THE CONTENT!

  5. Sumukhi and Srishti should do for #SavageAF collabs!????????????

  6. Sumukhi’s reactions, looking into the camera like this was The Office – I am here for this

  7. Mikesh Chaudhary and Neil Menon are my two favourite web series stars

  8. Very funny i want to watch more of it….love u shrishti and shayan

  9. guys during the Kiki Challenge part, instead of calling it Kaka Challenge, you guys should've called it "pee-pee challenge" it would cathy af ????

  10. I love you guys soooo much ❤️ Plse respond

  11. Did anybody else get the "How do you subtitle when they are all talking garbage over each other" bit? ?

  12. This is amazing! I couldn't stop giggling in my office and seriously had to control my laughter. And the shaky camera adds to the effect of it being impromptu and fun and unpredictable. So well shot despite looking randomly shot. 😀

  13. Bring that poo thing video in full version please

  14. Kaka challenge ?? Caca (pronounced as kaka) in French literally means poop ????

  15. 135 million views to honge nahi 135k views ke kaam chalana padega ????

  16. Please do challenge of lucy's 7 days slim waist challenge for a month.

  17. Sumukhi's face expression ?

  18. I live for Sumukhi's roshogolla face.