Mission profile of the upcoming launch by United Launch Alliance of a Delta IV rocket and a WGS-10 military satellite payload from Cape Canaveral.
United Launch Alliance

The Space Coast will witness the first sunset this year with the launch of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket surmounted by a military payload on takeoff from Cape Canaveral Air Base.

The teams have a little over two hours – 18:56 to 21:05 – to launch Launch Complex 37's 218-foot rocket with the 10th global broadband SATCOM communications satellite. This will be the last mission of the Air Force WGS program.

Spectators will probably be treated to a breathtaking view of the rocket that dips at dusk, its solid exhaust plume produced by a rocket engine and illuminated by the last hour of the day.

As this is a ULA mission, there will be no landing or accelerated recovery.

Our coverage consists of two parts:

  • Live video of the launch, available here 30 minutes before takeoff
  • Talk live with Space Reporters James Dean, Emre Kelly and Antonia Jaramillo at

Full coverage starts at 5:30 pm Friday at and features deep coverage, photos, graphics and more. You can ask questions to the team and start a conversation. We will organize the live video of ULA.

Contact Emre Kelly at or 321-242-3715. Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on @EmreKelly.

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