Jim Cornette explains Bruce Prichard's return to WWE and how he will convey what Vince McMahon wants


Jim Cornette was recently interviewed as part of Wrestling's Trip of Power, which spoke of Bruce Prichard's creative return to WWE. Below, an excerpt from the episode with some highlights, courtesy of Chad and JP from TMPTOW.

Cornette on Bruce Prichard gets what Vince McMahon knows and wants: "It was about twenty-two years ago and I was there when Vince got fed up and decided he wanted to leave with the only person who was not responsible for anything and that's how that we had Vince Russo because was angry. Here is the thing; he sends in many cases (and we joke about it), he sends what he wants by mental telepathy and if you do not understand it, it's your fault. I'm sure he thought Vince McMahon did not recruit Bruce Prichard because he's the biggest booker since Bill Watts or Toots Mondt, Bruce Prichard will be part of the creative team, because Vince McMahon knows Bruce Bruce has understood. He gets it and he can pass it on to other people. What's that? "" That's what Vince McMahon likes and what Vince wants and I probably (and I see Vince sitting there) say they do not do not have it, these damn people and these kids, they just do not have it. "

Cornette explains how Prichard will convey what McMahon wants to the creative team: "I guarantee you that Bruce Prichard will be able to say what Vince McMahon wants to these people, probably better than Vince, because Vince sometimes sends him by mental telepathy. But Bruce has been capturing these signals for twenty-five years. Bruce will immediately reinstate the television program and propose the most interesting finishes since Eddie Graham, no. Bruce will be able to make everyone understand what Vince wants.

Cornette explains how he does not talk about the quality of what Vince wants: "I did not comment on quality or quantity. I'm just saying that Bruce understands "that" and that "it's" what Vince wants. "

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