What I hear: Steve DiMeglio from Golfweek spoke with a number of PGA stars after Tiger Wood won the Masters and they were all impressed by the return of the superstars.

After Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters for his 15th major championship and his first major title in nearly 11 years, there was a lot to undo.

Was it the greatest return of all time? Does that mean that he's officially back? Will he catch up with Jack Nicklaus's record with 18 major tournaments?

Many great stories have also been shared. Including that of his caddy, Joe LaCava.

In an interview with The Caddy Network, LaCava detailed the aftermath of Woods' victory in the striker's tent, through the Hooters celebration, to a late-night text from his boss.

"We just looked at each other and absorbed everything," LaCava said of his exchange with Woods shortly after the victory in the scoring area. "It's only been seven minutes since it came out and it's hard to understand everything at that point, but we just took a deep breath. Nothing has really been said.

Tiger Woods celebrates with his junior Joe LaCava at the 18th green after winning the Masters. (Photo: David Cannon, Getty Images)

"He basically said, 'We did it', again, but we have to share the moment and smile at ourselves, it was such a feat, a moment of pride more than anything. because we could read in everyone's mind.

After some celebrations at Butler Cabin and then Augusta, GA, Hooters, where John Daly parks his camper every year, LaCava heard Wood.

"Tiger sent a message saying," We've done it, thank you for being with me, I love you as a brother, "said LaCava." And I sent her a very similar to that, let's hope we have a nice dinner sitting and that we will tighten everything at the next tournament without necessarily celebrating it, but enjoy it and remember it a bit. "

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