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Joni revealed Jokowi's timeline on mast climbing, but he did not participate in the ceremony

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The figure of Yohanes Ande Kala or Joni suddenly becomes public.

Joni amazed a lot of people after the video climbed onto the flagpole so that the red and white flag could turn on social media.

The video was uploaded by the Facebook account Ika Silalahi, Friday (17/08/2018).

The incident occurred during the flag-raising ceremony on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the regency of Belu, on the border between the RI and the Timor Lesta.

The incident began when the flag was released and stuck at the end of the mast.

This makes the red and white flag unable to fly.

Joni then climbed onto the mast and descended with a rope stuck in the top until the red and white flag could fly.

Launch of Kompas.com, Monday 20/08/2018, today, Joni met with President Joko Widodo at the State Palace.

Joni was present on the agenda of President Jokowi's rally with national examples, the army of flaglifters (paskibraka) and the national bahana gita.

Joni was sitting at a table with Tarissa Maharani, a paskibraka member charged with carrying a tray at a flag raising ceremony in Jakarta.

At the table also seated two national examples.

When the hadith of the state palace, Joni wore a white and blue uniform combined with typical NTT fabrics.

President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla sat at the same table as Joni.

Joni seemed happy to meet and shake hands with President and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

Based on the video of Jokowi's conversation with Joni uploaded by Kompas.com Reporter on Location, Jokowi admitted that he was worried and anxious about seeing Joni's action.

When Jokowi asked, Joni explained that at first he did not attend the ceremony because he had a stomach ache.

Joni was lying in the School Health Unit (UKS).

He knew that the flag rope was stuck at the end of the pole when the Deputy Regent asked who could climb the mast.

It is at this moment that Joni is rushed to run and climb on the flagpole.

"Open the shoes immediately, get on the pole," said Joni.

He also said that he had stopped in the middle of the pole because he was tired.

After arriving over Joni, he bit the flag and slipped

Check out the full video above! (Tribun-Video.com/Vika Widiastuti)

This article was published on Kompas.com with the title "John the Flagstaff climber meets President Jokowi at the Palace",



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