Miami Dice: VIRAL


Tom, Zee and Sam are taking a look at this new game in the Dice Tower Essentials line, from Arcane Wonders!

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33 thoughts on “Miami Dice: VIRAL”

  1. I'm considering getting this for my game group because we all loved Sheriff of Nottingham and its made by same company. I was considering this, Colosseum or I'm the Boss, what do you guys all think would be a better choice for us? My group enjoys Sheriff, Resistance, Ticket to Ride, Kingsburg, One night Ultimate Werewolf, we just added Deception Murder in Hong Kong and Imperial Settlers. Thanks for the helpful videos.

  2. I'm interested in this game as an educational tool for my 6 year old. Do the movement arrows follow correct biological courses? It'd be neeto for my kid to be able to associate organs, their functions and their relative locations in the body's processes.

  3. I don't get this game. Artwork is decent, theme is unique, but we've seen card based area control implemented a lot better throughout the years. I usually see why someone likes something even though I don't, but this one baffles me! Someone explain what am I missing?

  4. The artist is The Mico! 🙂 He is the same artist that has done the Northsea series (Raiders, Explorers and Shipwrights) as well as all the Valeria games. I am a massive fan and his style deserves more recognition.

  5. Very interesting. I would love to try it. That said, I am sad they did not have cool custom wooden tokens, sort of like the great pandemic ones, but with a little more character.

  6. When I was in high school, before I discovered my passion for board games and desire to design, I created a board game for a science class project where you go through the mouth throughout the organs and first one to the end of the body wins. … It was roll and move with no choices involved haha. Still have it in my closet.

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