VIRAL German English Trailer (2017)


German German Viral Trailer (USA 2016, OT: Viral Trailer)
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Release: 21.07. on Blu-Ray and DVD!
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In the Viral horror thriller, the surviving world population is in quarantine, where Sofia Black-D's Elia documents the events with the help of a hand-held camera and tries to save her from infected by the sister of the virus.

Viral Action
Viral spreads the mysterious disease that erases most of the human population or turns into bloodthirsty monsters. The young Emma Drakeford (Sofia Black-D's Elia), who just wanted to start a video diary about her school life, documents the pandemic with her first epidemic camera at midlife, under which her small town will soon be placed.

A barrier is being built to contain the virus. But more and more friends and acquaintances get stuck in anyway and turn into slimy tentacle bearers. After Emma is separated from her father (Michael Kelly), they barricaded, her sister Stacey (Analeigh Tipton) and neighbor Evan (Travis Tope) in a vacant home. However, when Stacey shows the first symptoms of the viral disease, Emma must make an impossible decision …

Viral German trailer



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  1. Naja….Mann kann den infizierten ruhig das "Clicker" geräusch aus the last of us geben…lässt den film trotzdem kein stück besser erscheinen…vermisse echt die alten horror filme die noch auf spannung setzten und nicht auf 352526624 jumpscares die zumeist nur bei frauen wirken^^

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