My Viral Video Secrets

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  1. 2 years and 7.4 million subscribers later…

  2. I sure would like to know how many videos did you upload on YouTube before you got your first YouTube viral video? ?

  3. I'll sub to everyone who subs to me

  4. lol , you jerk you tricked me and you made me love you at the same dam time

  5. Guys watch my videos please

  6. A few hundred Casey Neistat vlogs later and I have finally become one of those YouTube commenters: "Francine is soo cute!"

  7. Just copy mother nature and make people sick and spread like a bloody virus

  8. please sub to my channel SullyP Vlogs

  9. If Casey was a teacher, he would be the best teachesr

  10. He looks like tommy wiseu ( the room actor)

  11. Omg the way he opened his packaging ?. I take my time. I was thinking about the scratches on that screen while he was tossing it around ??

  12. been watching since 09…… still great!

  13. Casey do you think it's hard to make a viral video with less subscribers?? Or you have the same chances??

  14. Viral videos = right place right time ?

  15. It's gonna become 7 million this week……..

  16. as if uou would really share it

  17. "It's always scary." We deal with the daily fear and daily push it away remembering: we make quality videos, forget what the naysayers say. Thanks Casey.

  18. What can I really say when yours words in my opinion are so on point. You said that you did not fully know why a video goes viral and it was Socrates that said it is a wise man who knows he doesn't know everything.

  19. Pretty baller to get the vid on Ellen.

  20. Nice video, I hadn't even heard of you until I saw some hate videos about your political views lol.. Didn't realize you were a Youtube star..

  21. Oh, it's Casey, the luxury jet guy!