The Youth Response: May Viral Videos


Our young people respond to the man who is viral in May, saying "Laicism goes away", the man who divides the two into a vocal record of Laurel-Yanny and a coffee toilet.

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Owner of the channel:

Burak Tatlıcı

Respondents in this section:

Huseyin Abdik – 27 years old

Mert Soydan – 26 years old

Burak Topel – 26 years old

Can Koçak – 26 years old

Mehpare Pehlivan – 25 years old

Gözde Gürbak – 25 years old

Yaren Kılıç – 20 years old

Anil Kaya – 27 years old

Ahmet Batuhan Çebi – 24 years old

Beliz Sarıkaya-25 Years

Orhan Erdinç – 25 years old

Ayça Argun – 22 years old

Can Karako – 25 years old

Günce Sönmez – 20 years old

Buğra Mısri – 26 years old




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