The Hubble Space Telescope has just captured another stunning image to add to its impressive collection.

The space telescope was filmed from the birth of a star.

And we're not talking about crisp Brad Cooper next to Lady Gaga either. It is a real star that sends what NASA calls "brilliant objects Herbig-Haro", while hot gas jets collide with the frozen matter that circulates in the vacuum of space.

Not a bad Hubble, not bad (ESA / Hubble)

NASA has posted the picture on its Instagram page and has amassed nearly 700,000 "I like it".

"In this image, these five objects are visible at the top center, in the form of bright blue streaks away from the star that created them at 150,000 miles at the time, up to left, "explained the space agency.

"Since the launch and deployment of Hubble in April 1990, our vision of the universe and our place in it has never been the same."

The Hubble Space Telescope (National Geographic)

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