Neon trees – Animal (Viral version)


Neon Trees' new single "Neel Good" is available on Island Records:

Pop Psychology available now!

Video clip of Neon Trees performing Animal. (C) 2010 Def Jam Music Group Island
The best neon lights:
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43 thoughts on “Neon trees – Animal (Viral version)”

  1. I remember at my elementary school there would be a DJ every Friday at lunch. My best friend and I would swing on the swing sets in the playground near where the DJ was set up. He was really cool and would play the most popular songs. I remember he played this song and I fell in love with it. It made sweet memories. Also the DJ would play the good bye song from Yo Gabba Gabba after the lunch ended.

  2. Senior year of high school a group of friends and I went in on some psychedelics, I remember turning on this song during our peak and all of us dancing like we were raving hard. When in reality someone kept flipping the light switch while we danced to a speaker that barely worked lmao. Great times. Great song.

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