Tinderful couple whose 3 years of viral messages met for the 1st time on 'GMA & # 39;

Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas clashed on Tinder almost three years ago, but had not met until today. .



  1. His reaction when he saw her!!! ??So cute! I was smiling the whole time I was watching this! True couple made in tinder heaven!

  2. wow so sweet hope you guys get marry tbh Michelle is gorgeous

  3. Lol a true love story for the whole world to witness ??

  4. So are they officially together now? Because that would be amazing 😀

  5. They went to the same school and never met Im-

  6. This was a year ago, so…..Are they together? **GMA Where Are They Now**

  7. okay they are both so beautiful tf. my tinder matches me ugly ass guys?

  8. The only date I have tonight is a bowl of ramen…

  9. They are so nerdy lol cuute

  10. They like the Office so I'll aprove for those reasons ?

  11. I smiled all the way through ♥️

  12. Cynical me = This broad has been doing dicks daily in the last 3 years. this dude is a fucking Cuckerberg.

    Romantic me = This lovely lady has been…DOING DICKS DAILY FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS. HE IS CUCKERBERG.

    Verdict = If GMA were a newspaper, it wouldn't even be "read on the toilet" worthy.

  13. Who else paused the video like a million times?

  14. That desperate sounding "its so good to finally meet you" had me cringing so hard

  15. Josh is pretty hot.
    I'm a guy.

  16. Respond to this comment in 2-7 months and let’s keep this on for 5 yrs then we can finally meet!

  17. Michelle is so prettyyyyy omg <3

  18. i still can’t get over how she said joch in the beginning

  19. I need to try me some tinder ?