31 thoughts on “Never judge anyone by appearances GONE VIRAL”

  1. These are so stupid…
    Yes, to not judge people by their appearence is a good message.
    It can't be transported right by people who have a MASK ON.
    If you want to really transport this message you gotta show people who really look like that.
    Not pros with some make up.

    The thought: "I should not judge people by how they appear/look" will NEVER come to mind if that what was shown, was FAKE.

  2. How many times he gone carry the ball! why I don't watch Basketball anymore! they allow everybody to Palm, Carry and take 5 steps to dunk! only thing that people can do real good these days is shoot that's why the warriors are winning cause they can shoot! Dribblers have no value unless you can shoot the rock so work on your shot! Good luck to the future!

  3. What's wrong with you people? So miserable. Who gives a shit if it is set up? It was entertaining. Goddamn it! Enjoy something without all of the negativity and criticisms. It was fun.

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