Bianca Ingrosso – – Overcoming the "wild" reputation

Swedish reality star Bianca Ingrosso (24), known in "Wahlgren's World", is apparently on everyone's lips during the day. But all that is said is not true:

On Sunday, the 24-year-old has been forced to claim his reputation. She had to have intimate relationships with superstar Asap Rocky (30) during her recent stay in Sweden.

– I have never met this man and, as far as I know, he was in detention for most of the stay? Ingrosso wrote on Instagram.

BACK: Bianca Ingrosso had to go to Instagram when rumors revealed her intimacy with rapper Asap Rocky. Photo: Instagram
RETURN: Bianca Ingrosso had to go on Instagram when rumors announced that she would have been intimate with rapper Asap Rocky. Photo: Instagram
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– wild rumors

Rakim Mayers, by the name of artist Asap Rocky, was arrested and charged with bodily harm against a 19-year-old man in Stockholm.

He was arrested in early July and was released only after the trial of August 2nd. In total, he was in custody for almost a month.

Ingrosso continues:

– Everything is sick with all the wild rumors circulating about me. I do not understand where everyone comes from because almost none of the people I've heard vote, she wrote on Instagram.

In front of Aftonbladet, Ingrosso says he does not want to comment further on the issue.

OPEN: Bianca Ingrosso has been struggling with bulimia for several years and has talked about it openly during a visit to "Skavlan" on Saturday. Video: TV 2
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star reality

Over the last few years, Bianca Ingrosso has made her mark in Sweden and Norway with her participation in the reality series "The World of Wahlgren".

The series follows Pernilla Wahlgren (51) and her family, including the children Bianca and Benjamin (21), who currently perform as an artist.

Since the beginning of the reality TV series in 2016, Bianca has become very popular and she has left the mark in the newspapers with problems such as love life, rumors of adultery and psychological difficulties.

Ingrosso has had an occasional relationship with Philippe Cohen for several years.


The verdict in the Asap Rocky case is also ready on August 14th.

The prosecutor requested six months' imprisonment for Asap Rocky during his latest trial and found that the rapper should be sentenced to a heavier sentence than the other defendants. The prosecutor wanted all the accused to be convicted of bodily harm and claimed that they had not acted in emergency detention.

The defender of Asap Rocky, Slobodan Jovicic, for his part felt that the artist had not performed this act "with others". In addition, the defender pointed out the lack of police investigation indicating that Asap Rocky should have done something after the other boys joined the fight.

MUSIC: Benjamin Ingrosso is a well-known artist and television profile, who obviously likes to be the journalist. That's why. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Thea Hope. Clip: Ingebjørg Iversen / Red Runner
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