OMG! Ravindra Jadeja Watch Anushka sharma – Viral Cricket Video


OMG! Ravindra Jadeja Watch Anushka sharma – Cricket Viral Video …

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Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli recently received the Polly Umrigar Award for the year. With Kohli in the reward function, his wife, Ankushra Anushka Sharma, also achieved, because of which the function was even more special.
Photographs of Virat and Anushka, who arrived at Function, are shocked by social media. Meanwhile, a photo appeared, in which it seems that Ravindra Jadeja's eyes rest on Anushka.
The versatile Indian Ravindra Jadeja, also a member of the cricket team, came to participate in the ceremonies of the BCCI. Meanwhile Ravindra Jadeja was sitting next to Virat Kohli and her sister-in-law Anushka Sharma. And at the same time, Jadeja looked at Anishka Sharma with her furtive eyes.

When Jadeja was looking towards Anushka Sharma, only someone clicked on the photo, which was viral on social media. If there is a virus on social networks, there will be a lot of comments on this photo. .



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  1. Abhe chutiya tu kanya hai kya wo pic mai jab virat ka name liya gaya tha tabhi jadeja virat ko dekhta hai naki anushka ko or tum jese chutiye fatakse kuch bhi bol kar uss pic ka galat matlab nikal dete ho bc tumlog ke wajha se india piche rehgaya dalna hai to kuch accha dal varna maat dal bc tum log ko youtube ne bann kardena chahiye??????

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