Primitive Technology: Top 3 Viral Video Build Water Pool

We are collecting three of the best videos from our channel to show you how to build a water pool, I hope you enjoy these videos.
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  1. dans quel pays son tourné les vidéos? mes enfants adorent!! merci

  2. Nice job and the swimming pool so pretty I love it so much

  3. Wow! The first one was a pool with clear water! That’s awesome!

  4. лапаты почему не взяли

  5. Yes! They let the cement dry!

  6. How much money do you boys earn on youtube? Are you wealthy in your community because of your videos?

  7. Ya know, the one thing I like about this channel over the others is that, they ACTUALLY TALK and laugh and shit.

  8. Que es ese ruido del fondo
    Los primeros minutos
    X sierto muy buen trabajo

  9. The pools were DEFINITELY cool, but I think we are all ready to see something else….

  10. 1 liké c est trop bien se que vous faites