Yohanis Gama Marschal Lau (13 years old) or Joni Belu, a child from Atambua, in the regency of Belu, east of Nusa Tenggara, climbed the mast.

The story of the Joni Boy climbing on the mast despite his suffering
Jakarta – Yohanes Ande Kala (previously written by Yohanis Gama Marschal Lau) tells how he climbed onto a mast to fix the rope so that the Saka Merah Putih flies. The familiar high school student named Joni admitted that he had a stomach ache when he climbed onto the mast.

The incident occurred at a ceremony that took place in a field in Belu District, in the east of Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Joni was a participant at the time, but he had to go to the health post because he had a stomach ache.
"I continue to have abdominal pain to health," Joni said at a meeting Saturday in the building of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), Senayan, Jakarta.
At the health post, Joni heard the assistant regent carrying the broken rope. He then rushed to the pole to climb.

"It was heard that MP Regent had said who could get on the mast." I immediately opened the shoes, I climbed directly onto the mast, "he said.
While climbing, Joni said that he was thinking of nothing. He just wanted the broken rope corrected so that Red and White could fly.

"Do not think about that, throw open shoes, go straight up," he said.

He also said he was not afraid to fall. "No," he says.
When Joni climbed, many people asked him to get off immediately. But the request was ignored because he wanted the broken rope to be corrected immediately.

"You have to try to take the rope to continue the ceremony," said Joni.

As we know, Yohanis or commonly called Joni is a high school student determined to climb a mast 23 meters high. At that time, an Indonesian Independence Day commemorative ceremony was held in a field of the Belu Regency. The rope that originally was supposed to steal the Red and White Saka was broken, so the activities of the ceremony stopped briefly.
However, Joni spontaneously climbed the mast barefoot until the end and justified the broken rope. The action of Yohanis was filmed by several people.

The viral video would have already been broadcast in Atambua, one of the districts of the regency of Belu. But in reality, the crime scene was in the village of Silawan, Tasifeto sub-district, Belu district, about 14 kilometers from Atambua.

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