Prometheus – Viral Video – Meeting with David (2012) Ridley Scott HD Movie


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Prometheus – Viral Video – Interview with David (2012) Ridley Scott HD Movie

Peter Weyland has attracted controversy since he announced his intention to build the world's first compelling humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade.

Whether defying the ethical limits of medicine with nanotechnology or mingling with the Vatican himself on the subject of gene therapy sterilization, Sir Peter prides himself on his motto: "If we can, we must. After three years of media blackout, Weyland finally emerged to reveal where he is going next. Wherever we are, we will definitely want to follow.

Designed and designed by Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof and directed by Luke Scott. .



33 thoughts on “Prometheus – Viral Video – Meeting with David (2012) Ridley Scott HD Movie”

  1. If you already seen "Alien Covenant, you will hate David. And Wow.. Mr. Robot David you are very good at acting "You Liar!". ?? At Alien Covenant movie, you did an opposite, that's is ?. Do you hear what you are saying.

  2. i imagine this is what an announcement video will be like when they make an AI like this

    hopefully they will be like bishop or walter and not ass clowns like ash and david

  3. Damn, Fassbender is an amazing actor.

    This is a layered performance. He is playing a robot that can mimic human emotion but only up to a degree…. selling that character to an audience is incredibly hard but he does it effortlessly. Nice.

  4. seeing this after covenant, makes you wonder how much of a show he was putting on because we know that he is a loon who wiped out an entire race of people because one of them ripped his head off and he didn't like that.

  5. 0:12 I really want Scott to come forward and say in detail HOW the androids are created. Because that almost looks like some sort of artificial womb. He's almost developing as a child does in a womb. Nobody is putting pieces on him or sculpting his face.

  6. My perverted side may or may not have raised an eyebrow a bit at "anything". I tried ordering a Walter since this Model is no longer available, I figured any synthetic that looks like Fassbender is better than none lol. Sadly I only got this blackish grey pill like container. Probably oil for the android. Got all over the place. Wonder if I can get a refund.

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