Running the memz virus at the school.

I was wrong to take credit, I had it in the moment.
The computer was not injured at the end
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Please look at the date of download



  1. Hey just to clear some of the comments the Computer was not harmed!
    Doesn't anyone read the description?

  2. Why u have a voice like a girl

  3. This comment section really is the kids of today’s generation. In there own words this is cringe

  4. Well, dis is much coolee when i download i love you virus ??

  5. Or you could syskey the whole system and act like nothing ever happened ??‍♂️

  6. Way back. I was banned from going in the computer lab because a virus infected all computer causing them to shutdown then they blamed me. Then before i graduate i made a worm that causes blue screen of death. a farewell gift for my computer teacher. XD

  7. I have the same USB… Do I have the virus then?

  8. PCBOOM: Thats Dillan, Thats Brice (i dont know how to spell xP) they're humans i think
    me: nope they are seriously aliens

  9. The computer us sick it just has a fever

  10. Who else thought memz was memes

  11. oh shiet that was so funny, i cant stop laughing. can somebody call a doctor?

  12. howdoes this make you feel
    this is f u n n y

  13. His parents must be very proud.