Sea turtle with straw up to its nostril – "NO" TO PLASTIC STRAWS

This is the original video! Filmed by Christine Figgener, marine biologist at Texas A & M University.

*********** WARNING: Inattentive language / strong! *************

This video shows why plastic litter is detrimental to marine life and why plastic straws are one of the most superfluous plastic items, especially if they end up as plastic waste in our oceans.
The research team around Christine Figgener (Texas A & M University) has found a Olive Ridley male sea turtle during a research trip into the water in Costa Rica.
He had a 10-12 cm PLASTIC STRAW lodged in his nostril, they removed it.


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The story behind the viral video

My research team found a male Olive Ridley sea turtle during a research trip into the water in Costa Rica.
He had a PLASTIC STRAW of 10-12 cm lodged in his nostril.

After initially thinking that we were looking at a parasitic worm, and trying to remove it to identify it, we cut a small piece of it to investigate further and finally identified what we were REALLY watching. .
After a short debate about what we had to do, we removed it with the pliers of a Swiss Army knife that was the only tool available on our little boat (not intended for overnight stays), since we were on the ocean, in a developing country, a few hours from the coast and a few hours from any veterinarian (probably days from any veterinarian specializing in reptiles, not to mention sea turtles) and x-ray machines In addition, we would have incurred a penalty (up to time in prison) on ourselves by removing the turtle since it is beyond our research permits. He obviously has not enjoyed the procedure, but we hope that he is now able to breathe more freely.
The blood from the shoulder comes from a 6mm skin biopsy that we performed previously for a genetic study (part of our research allowed), which usually does not bleed a lot, but that started bleeding all by holding back the turtle.
We disinfected the passage of air with iodine and kept the turtle for observation before releasing it into the wild.
The bleeding stopped almost immediately after the straw was removed, and when we released it, it happily swam away.

The tortoise most likely ate the straw and regurgitated the straw where it found itself in the wrong passage. The nasal cavity of sea turtles is connected directly to the palate (roof of the mouth) by a long nasopharyngeal canal.

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What are the disposable plastic items?

What can you do?

Organize your own cleanings!
An amazing plastic cleaning project is the TWO HANDS PROJECT, collecting garbage and post it on Facebook!


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