Top 100 viral videos of the year 2017

Welcome to the Top 100 viral videos of JukinVideo 2017! We have collected the best videos of this year and are ready to offer them. From bear attacks to scary clams, playful pranks to childish disasters and everything in between, discover the top 100 for the craziest, craziest and most memorable videos of the year. Tell us what your favorite was in the comments!

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  1. 13:04 #50 Not a clam, it’s a goeyduck.

  2. 1:23 who else heard “my daddy’s big dick

  3. that was the longgest youtube video i actually watched without skipping lol


  5. the cramp one happened to me but on my foot it hurt solo bad like you won't want one

  6. 15:55 is a picture of a jet if paused. Is that a blue angels jet?

  7. the surprise kitten one the girl is OVERREACTING SOOO MUCH shes like oh my goooood! SOB SOB SOBS SOB SOB ABOUT A MILLION TIMES

  8. the first one… I couldn't breathe

  9. The paintball tanks…….
    I'm crying because I want to do that so badly

  10. The last one the seal was like gotcha bitch

  11. That duckling one is so cute! Love

  12. I needed a time waster and this was perfectttt

  13. 8:22 I could not stop laughing! That was way to funny

  14. 0:53 when you meet a ugly person and your like NOPE??

  15. On That Mouse One, It Was TOTALLY HALARIOUS!! (I peed My Pants On Dat Part lol ????)

  16. Did they really blur out the snakes face?

  17. Did any one catch the girl say and on our vaginas too (real life canvas)

  18. The little guy is gonna love drugs if he loves falling down. Hey MR BUILD on Amazon books by Kathy Evans and Steven Kreg is top 100 books!! Better then good and NOT just a love story.

  19. The suprise kitten one looks like my kitten toastie

  20. 7:21. You hit me yeah ok I think we all know the right answer

  21. great video
    dont click on this blue text>>> #kredzii

  22. 8:21 I'm the mouse and the girls are people who hate me XD

  23. At 1:29 o no no no look at the top of her head

  24. 26:29 when you realize Hammond is a hamster and not a monkey