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SpaceX Launches 60 Internet Starlink Satellites

The drone manufacturer is fighting.DJI Osmo Action review: A rival worthy of GoPro

The first DJI action camera has just been fighting, with a set of prizes and features that should grab the attention of GoPro (and your attention). Neat features, such as a small front-panel display and HDR video, make it stand out and compatibility with rival accessories will make the transition easier. According to James Trew, there are glaring omissions, including GPS, limited voice commands and basic social sharing options. But if you're looking for an alternative to GoPro, Action is a smart choice. For all others, there will be some minor differences.

Most of the benefits of the X-T3 for $ 600 less.Fujifilm X-T30 Review: A champion of street photography and 4K video

If you have the budget needed for a mid-range camera, the 26.1-megapixel X-T30 offers the same picture quality as the X-T3 for a total cost of less than $ 600. It offers excellent maneuverability, fast shooting speeds and autofocus performance almost equal to those of the Sony A6400. The big advantage is the video, as the X-T30 delivers a crisp and down-sampled 4K movie theater with 10-bit external output and a USB headphone jacking option. The main disadvantages are a lack of stabilization in the body, a small battery and a single UHS card slot I. Steve Dent tests it.

Hall-powered krypton thrusters will help satellites dodge waste from space.Tonight SpaceX will (again) try to launch a rocket filled with 60 Internet Starlink satellites

Now that SpaceX can reliably reuse Falcon rockets, its plan includes launching a satellite network providing broadband Internet service around the world. Now that we know more about the operation of the different Starlink satellites, it only remains to raise them. An attempt to launch last night was swept away because of excessive winds in the heights. We are therefore waiting for the emergency launch window, which should open tonight at 10:30 pm ET.

The world is full of technological traps and dangers online.Parent's guide to raising a good digital citizen

To be a good digital citizen, it is to be a responsible citizen: to educate the digital world, to make his children aware and to do it, to participate positively, to question him and to use technology as a tool to make the world a little brighter ( and non-apocalyptic-neon-shroom-cloud path). But how do children learn digital citizenship? In the same way, they learn to be good citizens: they observe good models and they practice.

"Sounds amazing to you, Engadget reader.The caravan of the season 5 of "Black Mirror" has Miley Cyrus and a caricature robot

Black mirror is back. This is not an interactive case this time, but you can expect three new stories early next month.

Owners can request free replacements.Google recalls Titan security keys because of a Bluetooth vulnerability

Due to a vulnerability in the Bluetooth connection, Google has announced the recall of some of its Titan security keys. Actually exploiting the flaw would require taking advantage of a very limited set of circumstances, timing and a relatively close physical proximity. Owners are therefore probably safer to use connection and phishing protection devices than not to use them. Still, this is an example of why others have decided to avoid Bluetooth for their hardware keys in favor of NFC or USB technology.

Neil Strauss's Criminal Crime Podcast is a shocking moment."Live and die in Los Angeles" shows how well Google knows you

Ten years after Google switched the Location History selector, we live in a sea of ​​information where a podcast journalist can trace the explicit movements of a stranger accused of murder in California, all of which in the comfort of his mobile phone.

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