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Star Trek symbol on Mars creates confusion between Mark Hamill and William Shatner

Discovery by NASA of a surface formation on Mars resembling Star TrekThe Starfleet logo sparked a friendly rivalry on Twitter between hikingWilliam Shatner and Star wars star Mark Hamill. "Star Trek or Star wars"This is an argument raging since George Lucas first introduced his galaxy to the movies in 1977, creating a rival for Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek. Of course, hiking It first appeared as a major phenomenon of pop science fiction culture, thanks to the original television series broadcast from 1966 to 1969 on CBS.

At least in terms of movie success, there has never been any discussion between hiking and SWas the Star wars franchise reported $ 4.5 billion nationally, compared with $ 1.4 billion for hiking. Of course, Trekkies would argue that the box office gross receipts are not the true measure of the top deductible, but would rather indicate that hikingGreater authenticity (harder "science fiction" vs. Star wars a world that is undoubtedly richer and more diverse, encompassed by many successful television series over the decades, with films serving only the icing on the cake. Star wars has also been extended to television series over the years, but many would argue that the Star wars the universe remains rather limited, whereas hiking is more successful in diversifying beyond the initial series and generating interesting storytelling ideas.

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Recently, the eternal "Star Trek against. Star wars"The debate received a momentous boost thanks to NASA's discovery of a surface element on Mars that looks very much like the famous Starfleet logo of hiking. Of course, it did not take long to hiking Fans will start praising this discovery as proof that the universe prefers the creation of Gene Roddenberry to George Lucas. Star wars saga. William Shatner himself even in the action, and quickly triggered a good mood Twitter quarrel with Star wars star Mark Hamill. Shatner shot the first end claiming hiking "Beat" the "Rebel Scums" to Star warsbut Hamill was quick with a comeback. See a sample of the "rivalry" on Twitter below:

Shatner and the hiking The devotees may have thought that they were carrying a shot (of some sort) to the alleged appearance of the Starfleet logo on Mars, but others quickly pointed out that Star warsIt has long been claimed that its own object of the solar system was when the Cassini probe made for the first time high-resolution images of Saturn's moon, Mimas, showing the resemblance of the object to the Star wars Death Star. Shatner fought back by claiming Star wars did not necessarily beat Star Trek in this case, the Mars logo might be older than the moon, Mimas (science has not yet considered this question in one way or another).

In the end, this little skirmish of social media about the importance of a particular rock formation on Mars has done little to "Star Trek against. Star wars"Debate, but he provided some welcome distraction. Naturally, hiking the fans will always defend hiking, while Star wars the fanatics will always fight for Star wars. Of course, the major strength of this "debate" is that it is not really necessary to choose one or the other, as both have a lot to offer to science fiction enthusiasts.

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