Study shows coronavirus immunity remains strong in previously infected people after 8 months


A new study has found that coronavirus immunity for those who have already been infected is still strong 8 months later.

Understanding how the immune system remembers the coronavirus is essential for “improving diagnostics and vaccines, and to assess the likely evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic ”, the study said.

Blood samples from nearly 200 patients in the study published by the journal Science showed that it’s not just antibodies that remember the virus. Several parts of the immune system are recalled, and this memory helps a patient fight off the virus quickly if they contract COVID-19 again.

Vaccines against the coronavirus are reaching millions of people in the United States, but the number of cases remains high in parts of the country.

90 percent of the patients in the study showed their immunity to the virus to be long-lasting and strong. There are concerns about how this would apply to the new strand of the coronavirus which started in the UK and has ended up in several states.

The study authors believe that this new strand will not go against the natural immunity you get after contracting the virus because the new strand has not mutated enough where the human body cannot. not recognize it.

The immune system attacks different parts of the virus as it enters the human body and most of those parts have not been affected by the new mutation we are seeing coming out of the UK.

Although most appear to have immunity that could last for up to 8 months after contracting the virus, there are “different patterns of immune memory in different individuals,” according to the study.

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