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Superstitions collide with Friday's micro moon

ANCHOR (KTUU) – The full moon of September will arrive this Friday at 20:32. Alaska time, and yes, it is Friday, the 13th.

A full moon falling on Friday the 13th is rare. Such an event occurs only in about one percent of all full moons.

To make this one even rarer, the full moon will occur near the apogee, the farthest point of its orbit. The last time was in 1832, and it will not happen again until 505 years.

The full moon on Friday 13 may be scary for some, but maybe less so this year, as the moon will not look so big.

The September moon of this year is also the full moon of the harvest.

However, there is no particular explanation for Friday 13 to be considered unlucky. Even the date on which he began to be considered unlucky seems to be controversial. Some say it's a combination of two superstitions: the fear of the number 13 and Friday being an unlucky day.

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