Eupatorium perfoliatum! Homeopathic medicine for the prevention and cure of dengue Chikungunya Fever?

[ad_1] Namaskar Dosto is a video of me Homeopathic Medicine Eupatorium perfoliatum ke baare me jaankari dee hai. it's an effective medicine for viral fever Chikungunya fever prevention Chikungunya Fever Dengue fever Malaria fever jaundice with fever fever with joint pain fever with body pains and headaches how to use for prevention eupatorium perfoliatum 200 … Read more

Dengue …. !!!! Homeopathic medicines for dengue fever …. !!!!

[ad_1] Dengue triggers an instant fear, rightly so. it is a viral fever transmitted by mosquitoes and caused by the dengue virus. It is also known as "bone fever". In this video, you can find homeopathic medicines for dengue fever. Thank you for watching my video. Please, subscribe to my channel. Like, share and comment … Read more

Homeopathic medicine for viral fever or influenza! Prevention !

[ad_1] Dosto is the video me hand aapko viral fever or the flu or the flu ke baare me bataya hai ki hum in se kese bach skte hai or homeopathic medicine kei uski ke baare me bataya hai …. Homeopathic medicine: Influenzinum 200ch 3-4 drops a week two doses Homeopathic medicine for malaria! prevention: … Read more

Fever # Homeopathic medicine for fever !! बुखार और उसका होम्योपैथिक उपचार

[ad_1] dosto is the video me maine ak pyrinik sirup ke baare me bataya hai jo ki kisi bi parkar ke fever, viral fever me we kar skte hai, usko kisi age bi person ko skte hai …. pyrinik syrup: adults 10ml three times child: 5ml three times thanks for watching my video subscribe my … Read more

Dr. Q: Homeopathic Treatment of Viral Pancreas | Homeopathic Remedy for Viral Fever | June 2, 2018

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Viral Fever # Homeopathic Treatment for All Viral Fever # Chickengunia # Influenza # Infections # Cold # Ramban ilaj.

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