# Music # Trends # Dangdut # Dut Suci Lope – Kopi Cinta (Official Clip)

[ad_1] SUCI LOPE why music lovers, coffee lovers have the single "Kopi Cinta", a dangdut song created by Don Kinol especially for this beautiful artist with multiple talents. "Kopi Cinta" hits the single Suci Lope, released in March 2018. Tells a woman's loyalty to her partner by presenting a cup of coffee, accompanied with a … Read more

Message of viral videos of police officers and their relatives to the police of JK DGP SP Vaid

[ad_1] Viral videos Message of J & K policemen abducted and their loved ones to police JK DG SP SP Vaid, Important to mention that JK police and their relatives were kidnapped yesterday by activists and released today. in the evening. ….. Thank you for watching ….. [ad_2] source