Top 10 latest and most popular trends of Dangdut songs in 2018

[ad_1] The most popular song of Dangdut now LIST OF SONGS 10 track (s): 00:00 1. Again Syantik – Siti Badriah 3:49 2. Goyang Nasi Padang – Duo Anggrek 06:57 3. Yank Haus – 2TikTok 10:01 4. Ninja Opo Vespa – Nella Kharisma 14 h 5. Epidemic – Queen Meta 17:12 6. Unable to start … Read more

# Music # Trends # Dangdut # Dut Suci Lope – Kopi Cinta (Official Clip)

[ad_1] SUCI LOPE why music lovers, coffee lovers have the single "Kopi Cinta", a dangdut song created by Don Kinol especially for this beautiful artist with multiple talents. "Kopi Cinta" hits the single Suci Lope, released in March 2018. Tells a woman's loyalty to her partner by presenting a cup of coffee, accompanied with a … Read more


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Dangdut Viral Stage in the Tomb

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Video of IIS DAHLIA Banish Participants Viral, SHIDQIA FATIN

[ad_1] Video of IIS DAHLIA Banish viral participants, SHIDQIA FATIN speaks One of the participants in the Indonesian Dangdut Contest (KDI), Waode Sofia, suddenly caught the attention of the public. Judges are Iis Dahlia, Trie Utami and Beniqno, then the 16-year-old participant was asked to leave because the makeup and the clothes she wore were … Read more