Viral !! Videos Fishing Mas At Lake Toba A Day Before KM Sinar Bangun

[ad_1] Seconds Videos Videos Fishing at Lake Toba The day before KM Sinar Bangun SPIRITUAL TEACHER: "GIANT" FISH MASS DOCUMENTED AND KILLED LOSS DIVISION CAUSE IN LAKE TOBA Sirait said the fish is the largest goldfish ever found in Lake Toba in the last 20 years. "According to history, fishermen have disregarded the ban and … Read more

Not only Lake Toba fish lake, this viral chickens after ejecting giant eggs!

[ad_1] Not just the Mas fish from Toba Lake, this chicken is viral after ejecting giant eggs !! Hello my friend, Thank you for coming on the unique and strange video channel of the world. Here we will present unique unique, funny, unique and video. But we will also show you interesting information such as … Read more

Mystery revealed !!! KM Sinar Bangun Jumbo Vs Fish Mas || Viral

[ad_1] [Jangan Lupa klik tombol LIKE dan SUBSCRIBE terlebih dahulu agar berlangganan GRATIS & tidak ketinggalan Video video terbaru lainnya] watch the video until it ends so as not to perceive in a wrong way. ? . the ship sank carp was killed carp in the kitchen curse revenge mystery Lake Toba North Sumatra goldfish … Read more