Viral! Jokowi's vendor, Ombus-Ombus Singing on the Market, wrote the words of the BPJS to Earthquake of Lombok.

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – An ombus-ombus (traditional cakes) vendor at a market in Sibolga, North Sumatra, was suddenly famous for his video when songs about Jokowi were widely circulated on social media . The seller who called "Namboru Dohar" loudly sang a popular Batak song, but the lyrics were changed. By putting the plastic cake and … Read more

Trader Viral Singing Video for Jokowi, words to discuss Minister Susi, BPJS, with Gemba Lombok

[ad_1] TRIBUNVIDEO.COM, Jakarta – Throughout the day, Monday (10/09/2018), the virtual world of viral video of an ombus-ombus (traditional cake) vendor in a market of Sibolga, north of Sumatra. The video that was broadcast so surprisingly on Facebook's social media was suddenly famous for its video when she sang songs about Jokowi. The seller called … Read more

Extortion of Viral Video in the Samsat Office of Madiun District

[ad_1] The video of the alleged practices of illegal levies (PUNGLI) at the Madiun Viral District Office on Facebook, Husain Fata Mizani's account leaves the video when it deals with taxes on motorized vehicles and asks 30 000 rupees of money by agents of the Diloket. This video is shown 25 times, 106 comments, and … Read more

VIRAL !! Lillahita 'ala, the 7th earthquake of Lombok SR The imam of the mosque continues to pray

[ad_1] 7th Imam Lombok SR Imam earthquake continues to pray. Priest of Lombok earthquake. Imam does not panic about the Lombok earthquake. This Mosque Live Facebook During the earthquake, the Imam did not leave the place of prayer even though the building was shaken Viral videos Tense trembling earthquake of Bali during prayers at mosques, … Read more