Viral Video News II From the second floor during the simulation of the death of a girl, watch the video of Coimbatore

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[ad_1] Because your driver is your courage, you always ask for the order of a traffic officer's mission to leave you! A motorcyclist did not want to issue a permit to issue a traffic ticket. I see you in the video about illegal parking and the obstruction is really on the road. Our executives are … Read more

LAST: Arnold Padilla arrested after a viral video attacking a Makati traffic police

[ad_1] Arnold Aquino Padilla arrested at his home in Makati City with a warrant for arrest, police raided Padilla's house in Makati City on Friday morning for illegal possession of the property. firearms and ammunition. Padilla recently became viral when a CCTV video showed that his wife and bodyguards had injured traffic police officers after … Read more

VIRAL: OFW viral proposal in Taiwan Both are interested and have children in the Philippines!

[ad_1] Viral is now the fascinating proposition of an OFW for his girlfriend in Taiwan. Both do not know that both are in the Philippines and have children. The video was viral because of the messages of a man's wife saying that the mother of the two boys' children had abandoned the obligation to the … Read more