Accomplishing his promise The president returned to Palu to see first-hand the treatment of Palu after the earthquake

[ad_1] Thank you for watching. Do not forget to like and subscribe, brother President Jokowi ensures that the basic needs of residents are gradually met President Joko Widodo will visit several localities during his visit to central Sulawesi today. The first place he visited upon his arrival in the city of Palu was in the … Read more

#trending #viral Presiden Jokowi meninjau dampakl bencana gempa dan tsunami Palu.

[ad_1] Jangan lupa like dan subscribe nya yaa Gan buat update info-info terbaru… Presiden Joko Widodo menekankan jajarannya untuk memprioritaskan evakuasi korban sebagai langkah pertama penanganan bencana gempa dan tsunami yang melanda Sulawesi Tengah. Hal tersebut disampaikan Presiden kepada para jurnalis seusai meninjau langsung sejumlah titik terdampak bencana sepanjang hari ini, Minggu, 30 September 2018. … Read more

Viral! Registration of passengers under the name FERI SHIP SOUENU Noyade in the Strait of Selayar, South Sulawesi

[ad_1] Viral! Amateur video of passengers Second moments where the FATER Leatari boats to the front drowning in the Strait of Selayar, South Sulawesi . . A ferry carrying dozens of four-wheelers and two-wheelers, reportedly drowned in the Selayar Strait, south of Sulawesi, Tuesday, July 3, 2018. There are 120 people known to be passengers … Read more

Viral .. !! Seconds Seconds Video Woman with Swallow Snake in Sulawesi.

[ad_1] Nahas crushes Wa Tiba, a resident of Lohia Village, Muna District, Southeast Sulawesi. A 54-year-old woman was killed by a python while checking her garden. EVENTS IN SULAWESIAS SOUTHEAST YES? VOICE NON SULAWESI NORTH, VOICE Bad Reading SULTRA Abbreviation, The incident occurred when Wa Tiba checked her garden in preparation for Desa Lawela, Lohia … Read more