The bots on Twitter are pulling the "trend" topic. purchases from Rivera to Beverly Hills

[ad_1] Dozens of fake accounts on Twitter (robots) were activated on Tuesday to attack the news "Beverly Hills", which was the subject of much discussion after the broadcast of 39, a video in which Angelica Rivera and her daughters go shopping at this location. When Twitter detects that robots are trying to position a topic, … Read more

TV Patrol: "She's dead" has become a hot topic of the day

[ad_1] Candidate Pircelyn Pialago was asked why Leslie Ann Pine suddenly collapsed in Miss Philippines Earth's bikini contest and said in a television interview that her roommate "died" instead of "levisée". Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News! – Watch full episodes of TV Patrol on TFC.TV and on IWANT.TV for Filipino Viewers, click on the following … Read more

Wohhooo New Best Way to Find Searches Daily Trends Search Technical Topics Topics YouTube Video Ideas | Hindi

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Like this Milky Way in response to the Saddil Ramdani case that had a hot topic

[ad_1] The AFF trophy tour for the AFF 2018 Cup will take place this time at Mall Kota Kasablanka on Sunday (11/04/2018). The coach of the Indonesian national team Milky Way and two players, Andritany and Febri Hariyadi, attended the event. On the sidelines of the time, Bima conveyed this message to the young players … Read more

How to easily find a trend topic for Youtube videos for over the phone

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Central Bureau of Investigation – Today's Topic

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The secret tips of Mojar TV to develop its YouTube channel Trend topic and discussion topic

[ad_1] Mojar TV Youtube Channel has always uploaded a video of the trends Video trends is the most powerful video for the youtube channel. The point of view is that the number of subscribers does not grow every day, the day of downloading the video. You can not succeed. So you will always have to … Read more