Teen becomes viral with dance movement defying gravity

Ariel Oliver shows "GMA" how it succeeds in its "not invisible" movement that has been retweeted more than 120,000 times.



  1. Hopping around on 1 leg is gravity defying wtf? Every day i wake up i am reminded how american culture has complety hit rock bottom!

  2. …glad it made the news- lets talk about other important things like- how to boil a sausage…

  3. Phwwwoooow ? people are too easily impressed

  4. The guy in a black suit it is a predator

  5. She didnt defy gravity. Itz just becuz of her muscles in her legs, probably becuz shes a cheerleafer she has strong muscles!

  6. The producers the editors,, what have you…Should fucking kill themselves. Have Americans become this retarded…they have lost all ability to create anything original. Sad

  7. hey Google. will you think for me?

  8. Been doing this FOR FUCKING years..what kind of shit…why is this on the news?

  9. Next, in Russian gravity defies Itself ???

  10. Mimes are ok, but theres nothing spectacular about them.

  11. this is incredibly stupid

  12. I'm starting to think Thanos was right

  13. Is this Good morning Afrika?

  14. It’s not a dance move but alright ?

  15. People get amused too easily by some dumb shit ? I've seen this done before in school.

  16. Is American dumbing itself down or what

  17. I tried this and stepped in poop??

  18. i tried it and slipped a disc…should i sue…lol jk