The Ebola Virus Explained – How Your Body Fights for Survival

What does the Ebola virus actually do in your body? Why is it so dangerous and why is it killing so many people? We watch the apocalyptic war raging in the body after an Ebola virus infection and soldiers fighting.

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The Ebola Virus Explained – How Your Body Fights for Survival


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The Ebola Virus Explained – How Your Body Fights for Survival

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  1. I didn't realize how dangerous zubats are

  2. It’s war on a microscopic level

  3. 6.4m views and 6.4m subscribers

  4. This channel is fantastic and incredible

  5. daha çok bu ebola ve diğer virüsler bilgisayar programındakilere çok benziyor. bu hastalıklarında artması benim aklıma insan eliyle yapıldığını düşündürtuyor. ebola ele geçirdiği hücreleri yeniden kodlayabiliyorsa bütün hastalıklarda iyileştirici vuris yapilandirabilir. örn eboladan o kodlamayı ödünç aldık. grip olan birine 1 iğne bastığımızda bütün hastalığı yok ettiği gibi yeni yorulmuş ve eksik olan hucreleride hem yeniler hemde tamir eder. bunun dahada ilerisi bütün hastalıkları yok eden herşeye etkili bir ilaç elde edilebilir.

  6. Ha one of the newspaper say "white poeple infected the virus had gone too far" so accurate it hurts

  7. Ugandan knuckles (Ebola) vs Goku (Kamehamehaaa!!!!)

    = Ugandan Knuckles win!

  8. This channel is so fucking great

  9. Not real smart for a virus to kill its host

  10. You’re incredibly specific
    It’s scary

  11. Ebola against America will be basically terror agents attacking factories, power plants, logistics centers, water treatment plants, house-to-house attacks, airports, subways, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, research facilities, roads, financial centers, government and military facilities and everything that allows the US to function as a nation, as fearful Americans end up turning the Second Amendment on themselves shooting each other up and nuclear explosions occur every other day as the U.S. tries to combat the terror agents, ultimately being totally destroyed.

    Sounds like ISIS.

  12. not yet, four years later. the video.

  13. great explain, thanks for video

  14. Why is Disney not making a movie out of this? It'd be horrifying!

  15. More immune system please

  16. I don’t like how my body is basically a Battlefield…

  17. Your videos are the best! Smart and interesting!

  18. Hey kurzgesagt ,I m one of your devout viewers and seeing your series of videos related to science I was just wondering if you could make one about how our mind applies logic and relate things….?

  19. wanna know what else is a small thing 🙂

    Jk U can say it

  20. Ebola lika a good town of salem player

  21. You have to have Ebola to know the way.

  22. I survived ebola doctors said i have more cells :/


  24. Antibiotics can kill your good intestine cells

  25. The flu is bad because people are too dumb to know IT'S A VIRUS and take antibiotics. Then they get IBS

  26. Our immunity system is too weak, its like theyre fighting high level enemies that has the ability to infect

  27. So there is still no cure, isn't it? 🙁

  28. How about the soviet virus that cures everything the nano things the smallest machine

  29. I swear he says "what makes a boner so dangerous" at the first part.

  30. Norton AV: Everything is fine
    Your computer: you dont have access to that folder

  31. man are these people big pokéfans

  32. Wait if they infect the guard cells…
    Why don't the guard cells fight back?

  33. So… no-no for ebola vaccines?