The Evolution of Viral Video – The Try Guys

Try Guys recreate moments from the most iconic viral videos, memes and YouTube creators of the past 20 years in an epic live performance.

Eugene Lee Yang – @eugeneleeyang
Zach Kornfeld – @korndiddy
Ned Fulmer – @nedfulmer
Keith Habersberger – @keithhabs

The guys from Try –

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  1. The Try Guys are coming back to the VidCon Arena Stage for NIGHT OF AWESOME 2018 and they're gonna do something just as wild and crazy and we're so freaking excited!!!!

    Don't miss your chance to see them do their thing live at VidCon in Anaheim this June!

  2. As an English person when they did Dan and Phil… The accent…… So hilarious

  3. throughout most of this video i had nostalgic goosebumps

  4. Eugene look so different with a wig on especially in SHOES and COOKING BY THE BOOK

  5. Dang Eugene didn’t know you had those kind of dance moves!!!!

  6. Dan and Phil need to see this

  7. I’m convinced Eugene doesn’t age ??

  8. Then how to be ninja dvd is right for you.

  9. I was waiting for them to do the impression ofbshane Dawson

  10. Okay, but I need the Fine Bros to do a YouTubers React to the creator segment of this performance.

  11. I watched Eugene cooking by the book like 20 times

  12. I still can’t believe that they left buzz feed! They are the main reason I subscribed to buzz feed

  13. The BuzzFeed sign at the END was everything

  14. If you don't know what any of the videos there recreating……..

    Well why are you on the enternet

    "Will the ship finally sail?"

  16. Tyler and Pentatonix empression were great ???

  17. I’ve never seen a video of them before (I’m only here to see what they did to offend the Dan and Phil fandom) and maaan they really aren’t funny