The Mars Rover mobile did not say what it was "my battery"

My battery is weak

When NASA announced last week that NASA had finally lost hope, the rover's last word was that the last words of the rover were the emo-sound line "My battery is weak and it's dark.

The line originated with science journalist Jacob Margolis, who tweeted that those of the rover that these had been "basically" his last words. Internet immediately exploded, the tweet becoming viral and the line cited in NPR, the New York Daily News, ABC – and, for the sake of transparency, futurism.


Now, Margolis corrects the report. In a new room for LAiste, He pointed out that the "poetic translation" was based on what two Mars Exploration Rover exploration missions had told him about the mobile's final transmissions, not a literal message.

"Although not as catchy as seven words on a t-shirt, Oppy's final message at headquarters is still impressive," wrote Margolis. Laiste.

It's getting dark

Nevertheless, says Margolis, the fact that Opportunity is still broadcasting messages a decade and a half after launching it in a foreign world is extremely impressive.

"And the fact that the robot is super cute does not hurt either," he joked.

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