The MPAA relies on the screening of "The House That Jack Built" from IFC Director Tonight


Before the publication of the "R" rated version of Lars von TrierThe controversial new film The house Jack built On December 14, Director's Cut's directorial version of the film was shown in some theaters tonight for one night only, and it looks as though IFC Films has been immersed in boiling water. According to the MPAA, they broke the rules in a big way.

As indicated by Deadline, the MPAA has decided that the same day's screenings, once by the director, cut by the Director The house Jack built violating the rules of the group because, according to the site, "rather than being the R-rated abridged version that will be released in theaters in two weeks, they were from a decidedly more ungraded director's trophy cut. "

The site adds:IFC incurs potential sanctions for projections. "

The MPAA said in a statement tonight that it had "informed the distributor, IFC Films, that the projection of an unrated version of the film as close to the release of the rated version – without obtaining a waiver – violated the rules of the rating system. The effectiveness of MPAA ratings depends on our ability to maintain the trust of American parents. This is why the rules clearly define the proper use of ratings. Breach of the rules can create confusion for parents and undermine the grading system – and may result in imposition of penalties on the film's author.. "

An audience in the very near future will allow the IFC to plead its case, and it is possible that the MPAA will revoke the rating assigned to the film. If the MPAA revoked the "R" rating it had recently awarded to The house Jack built, the film would likely be unavailable in theaters. And with this theatrical date so close, it could cause problems for IFC.

We will be reporting more on this developing story as we learn new information.

In the movie, Matt Dillon stars as a serial killer who considers each of his murders as a work of art. Uma Thurman (Kill Bill)Bruno Ganz (Fall), and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road) also plays with the South Korean actor, Yu Ji-tae, best-known genre fans like Park Chan-wook's tough 2003 thriller antagonist Old boy.

Rafael examined the film out of Sitges and explained that "The nihilism of Lars von Trier The house Jack built rivals American Psycho. "


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