38 thoughts on “The police confrontation becomes viral”

  1. cops are public servants…you're damn right we can video tape them. so as long as you're not interfering w/ their investigation. private media outlets do it all the time.

  2. Like what de heck?????? This cop looks crazzzzyyyy…why are you coming out your vehicle – with your gun and no reason for arrest or nothing and then want to lie and say he may have something in his pockets wow?

  3. Ok……… it was wrong for the cop to take his gun out of his holster, but the guy should have just listened to the cop and let him search him, it is lawful for a cop to do a random search just in case of drugs or a weapon, the reason of suspicion was when he took the picture of the cop………………..seriously this guys a dumbass for taking a random picture of a cop out of no where

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  5. Here we go. Half pint cop trying to intimidate a citizen. WHY DO THEY PAINT EVER ONE WITH THE SAME BRUSH. This is the way all cops are trained to intimidate even an average citizen. Imagine if this fella wasn’t recording him, how would it have gone down then. Chicken shit PD.

  6. Wouldn't make any difference if the man was a constitutionalist or what, this is suppose to be a free nation where under the law we can exorcise our constitutional rights. Taking a picture of an officer on duty these days going through a neighborhood is not breaking any laws. This officer should lose his job effectively immediately. Most departments hire supposedly college degree men and women. This means they are to demonstrate good sense in how they carry out their position/duties as a sworn individual that is supposedly upholding our lands laws under the constitution. When we have video after video of incidents like this and nothing changes the people of this nation can see how high up this kind of corruption goes. Court case after court case, lawsuits after lawsuits, complaints to those who sit in our capitals, our senate seats, our congress, our house of reps. our presidential office and no change. The corruption goes on and we the people pay for it. So much of it is because of the private companies behind the people who are in these positions and offices. When man stops lifting up other men to be peace makers, crime controllers, ministers, senators, congressmen, etc. and start living by My Father's Simple Plan, love one another as He has loved us, our lives will change and then the world will change. Seek truth to find truth and truth will set you free. If this means taking a video to protect ones self when corruption shows their face in your neighborhood, then do so.

  7. I'm a vet and this cop is a complete douche. I've worked with two ex-cops and they were also douches.They don't always let them slide. The one's that do let them slide are only hurting themselves. This cop needs to be an irritant to someone in the civilian world. I suggest cleaning toilets at a bus station.

  8. Nowadays these liberal leftist know it alls think that the procedures a cop has to go through doesn’t apply to them
    If you want to learn more go to officer donuts channel he debunks theses

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