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The woman's baby detected her breast cancer when he refused to breastfeed

From the moment Joanne Carr had her son Dougie, the UK-based mother breastfed her without a problem. She was therefore surprised when, at the age of 14 months, Dougie refused to feed on her right breast, reported Yahoo UK.

"He's fed on the other well." I thought I might have a blocked leads or something like that. "It was very strange," said Carr, 37, at Yahoo UK. .

She decided to continue her investigation and did a breast self-examination in which she discovered a mass that the doctors had found to be cancerous.

After being diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer, Carr underwent eight cycles of chemotherapy. In April 2018, doctors were able to remove the remains of the narrowed tumor and Carr has been in remission for a year.

She said that without Dougie, she would never have realized that she even had a lump.

Cancerous tumors could change the taste of breast milk

It's no coincidence that baby Dougie has stopped feeding Carr's right breast.

"The research is not 100% clear, but we think that the taste of milk changes" in the event of a tumor, said INSIDER Leigh Anne O'Connor, international consultant in certified lactation. Specifically, it is possible, although not certain, that cancer cells make the sweet-salty taste typical of bitterer and unpleasant milk, has already reported "Good Housekeeping".

O & # 39; Connor added that the same type of reaction can occur if a woman has mastitis, or inflammation and a breast infection that usually occurs during the first three months of breastfeeding.

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According to La Leche International League, a breastfeeding advocacy organization, not all babies will stop breastfeeding with a breast cancer tumor, but some will be because breast cancer tissue can affect taste or decrease the amount of breast milk available.

Carr told Yahoo UK that she thought Dougie was feeling the bump because it was close to her nipple from where he had been fed, but the doctors did not feel like they were doing anything. have not confirmed that it was the reason why Dougie had refused to feed himself.

"As terrible as breast cancer is, I find it amazing that babies react that way; [it’s] The way Mother Nature protects the future, "said O & # 39; Connor.

This is not the first time that a baby stops breastfeeding before a breast cancer diagnosis

Dougie is not the only baby helping her mother learn from her breast cancer. In fact, O & # 39; Connor reported having worked with several women reporting the same phenomenon.

In 2015, Shakti Dalal told Yahoo News that the refusal of her 3-year-old daughter to feed herself on a breast at just 2 months leads her to discover that she has a stage 3 breast cancer.

"She was really tough, and she was only 2 months old, so it was pretty early to tell her that there was something wrong." said Dalal at the exit.

In 2017, a woman named Sarah Boyle told Metro UK that her baby, Teddy, would scream every time she tried to feed him with her right breast.

"Teddy is my hero – without him, I would never have thought that I had cancer," Boyle told Metro UK. "My [breastfeeding] Consultant told me that breastfeeding helps a mother and her baby link. In my case, it did more than that – it saved my life. "

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