This Spaceba could clean the ISS during astronauts' sleep


Worst work of all time

Clean the interior of the International Space Station is a daunting task.

But fortunately, thanks to a private company specializing in aircraft disinfection technology called GermFalcon, astronauts aboard the ISS might be able to avoid this task: a Roomba-type space-independent cleaner called GermRover might one day blow the walls with powerful sterilization UV rays to kill all harmful microbes.

"UV disinfection has been shown to reduce infection rates in hospitals. We hope to replicate these results in space, "said Elliot Kreitenberg, robot developer. New scientist.

Dirty space station

Futurism has already explained how conditions can be painful aboard the ISS.

Research published earlier this month suggests that the ISS is overflowing with bacterial and fungal colonies. Some of these bacteria have even proven to be resistant to antibiotics, thus aggravating the problem.

NASA is currently studying the possibility of testing the GermRover. GermFalcon is working on a prototype that will be revealed at the Aerospace Medicine Association conference in Las Vegas next month, according to New scientist.

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