Top 10 WTF things that went viral

Top 10 Strangest Things to Viralize

For this list, we watch YouTube videos and images that spread on the Internet for one reason or another – mainly because they were weird, strange or hilarious.

00:43 # 10. Hide your children, hide your wife
01:57 # 9. Toronto Raccoon
2:20 AM # 8. Shit, Daniel
03:49 # 7. Shark left
4:46 am # 6. I like turtles
05:36 # 5. What are these ?!
06:40 # 4. Walnuts Deez
07:46 # 3, # 2 and # 1 ???

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  1. @6:45 she askin why we laughin? bitch its dem TEETH bruh

  2. People simply have too many time on there hand… Boring…

  3. 12 hours for a dead raccoon is SLOW response?
    I wouldn't call that an emergency.

  4. You can tell its an american channel, id never heard of four of these so called memes….. left shark? (But then thats superbowl brits dont do that rubbish) i like turtles? Damn dan? Pizza rat?

  5. Now I know why Shuri asked T'Challa about his shoes

  6. Rat is the state animal of NY… In fact it's emblem should be changed to rats fucking each other on the streets… XD

  7. No wonder aliens stay far far away from us.

  8. I got a add of Deez nuts not lying

  9. I never laugh at any of these videos……

  10. Deez Nuts, What are Those?! and Damn Daniel are the reasons why the death of Vine is a blessing in disguise. That way we won't have to worry about hearing anymore verbal memes/trends everywhere we go.

  11. Even Blizzard got on the "Damn, Daniel!" train b/c of an NPC in World of Warcraft.

  12. This brings back so many bad memories
    Title should’ve been “10 Things That Should Have Never Happened And Must Forever Be Forgotten”

  13. It’s blue and gold.

    My opinion xD