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USC's Swann "caught off guard" by the admissions scandal

Lynn Swann, hired by the USC Trojans three years ago to head a sports department too familiar with the scandal, says that he will not resign under the weight of this scandal.

Swann, speaking at the Los Angeles Times about the corruption case in a college, where a deputy director of sports, water polo coach and former football coach were charged and then fired by the school, said that there were former athletics officials who "had seen bad things". did and knew better. "

"I think everyone was caught off guard by that," Swann said in an interview with The Times. "The fact that he is a senior officer of our staff and our chief men and women's water polo coaches … These are people who have been here for a long time and people who were here during difficult times and who had seen bad things done and knew better, everyone was completely shocked, caught off guard and taken by surprise. "

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Swann, 67, a former Professional Soccer Hall of Fame member and former Trojan Horseman, was hired by USC in April 2016 to succeed Pat Haden, retired director of sports.

Swann said that in the future, a person will not have as much responsibility as senior administrators such as Donna Heinel, fired.

"We will work with the university to set up the best system," said Swann. "We will work with the administration, admissions, sports administrators, recruiters and scouts to attract more attention." In the future, a list of names is proposed. coach sees it, the recruiter sees it, the administrator sees it and others see it so we know that they are real student-athletes that we are trying to get.

"Whether it is a favorite footballer or someone else, we need to know that they are real student-athletes.One of the first things I did after reading the Affidavit was the name of Katharine Harrington, vice president of admissions and planning at USC, and I apologized to her.The admissions department had no idea what was going on. idea and why would they do it? "

Swann was one of the 200 successful candidates for the position prior to hiring. He had no experience in high-level athletic athletic administration but was the third former USC footballer consecutive to hold that position.

Four-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played for the Trojans and was selected with the 21st overall pick in the NFL draft in 1974, Swann said he would not resign.

"I have not considered quitting, I am involved in this school and in this work," said Swann. "It was an opportunity that presented itself to me, I have never been in search of this job, but I feel that I am prepared.All I do at USC, I did before for someone. another capital, serving on the board of directors, chairman of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America board of directors, chairman of the president's council on sports fitness and nutrition. "

Swann won a national championship at USC in 1972, while the Trojans were 12-0. Swann graduated from the university with a bachelor's degree in public relations. He is also a member of the University Football Hall of Fame.

"I have done a lot of things in my life that have allowed me to gain experience in this position," Swann told the Los Angeles Times. "I felt it would be a great opportunity, do I want to do it forever?" "I would like to do it for 10 years." In US companies, they're considering a CEO position and say that 10 years is pretty much right.

"We have an excellent school and that's why these people did what they did to try to get their kids into this school."

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