Video of Mesa Police Beating is why people hate Cops

This shocking viral video of the Mesa PD officers gang up and shout a disarmed victim after he's got off his phone is the manual definition of why people hate cops. @hasan piker breaks down how these officers and their facilitators are responsible for this hate, not the kneeling athletes. .



  1. Why the fake thumbnail, not even the same incident. The actions in the video are dispicable, but you lose credibility with fake thumbnail.

  2. They've released the audio, Hasan is lying yet again like the race-baiting snake he is.

  3. Attempted man slaughter? So why is this man not dead? Oh yeah, because its nonsense…Look, I agree police brutality is a problem, for everyone, however lying douche bags like you and your uncle-dad-buffalo only make that problem much more difficult to solve when you constantly lie about it to please your own racist audience, stop it.

  4. Just wondering why so many of you are supportive of cops who go over the line?

    If you can't see the bully complexes so many of these bad cops have, you must have also been a bully growing up … and you are justifying your actions in the actions of others.

    If a cop feels threaten by words .. he's really in the wrong profession.

    The only thing that matters is actions and this guy never, never looked to be a threat to any of these cops.

  5. To the TYT subs, the Brown Buffalo and Brown Fabio your narrative has collapsed with the release of the audio. Please go back to the board room and cook up some better anti-cop and anti-white racist b.s. I can't believe I once believed in you guys.

  6. Black people don't respect the police, and they don't listen. Listen to the audio he was resisting arrest. Only criminals hate cops

  7. For all of the "compliance is mandatory or you deserve to be assaulted" folks, why wasn't this guy assaulted too if that's just how law enforcement officers work in America?

  8. The police were beating that dindu like a muslim beating a women for showing her ankles.

  9. All you cop haters need do is simple. Put a badge on and show us how to deal with criminals.

  10. It's almost like a PACK of WILD DOGS,they look at EACH other BADGES…..then start the BEATING behind walls…

  11. It's almost like a pack of wild dogs,they look at each other's badge…and start THE BEATING … Behind walls…there you go…

  12. "He's unarmed, he's non-violent." LOL go watch police activity's audio footage of this and young turds please delete this poop race bating video..

  13. Okay Hasan, we are sheeple and we believe you 100%.

  14. He wasn't unarmed at all; he admitted he had a knife to police. Terrible journalism yet again by TYT.

  15. Funny as the black cop is going over kill… To this own kin. Think blacks have a submissive gene in where they only try to impress their masters. As if left to their own ways they amount to nothing but fighting amongst themselves.

  16. Blatant dishonesty once again served up by The Young Turks. I saw the video. The man was belligerent and simply would not comply.

  17. Haha race compounds it haha the black cop swung haha u moron

  18. I hate rogue pig cops but I hate that shirt you’re wearing even more. ?

  19. You realize there’s audio recording, right?

  20. Why didn't TYT mention that the person who called the police was an ex girlfriend of the guy who sat down, and that she called the police because they were trying to break her door down?
    Why didn't TYT mention that the guy who took the beating was armed with a knife?
    Why does Hasan say that cops are sub humans, but then go on to say that de-humanizing people is bad?

  21. Did you just call a black guy a sub human mistake? Sounds kinda racist.

  22. Black cop doing most of the beating.

  23. Does Hasan do anything other than whine?

  24. I watched the original video with the first cops cam footage. Yes he is full of attitude and defiant. There still is no threatening action or language. There was no reason to attack him.

  25. Two questions.

    1. Why did you edit the footage?

    The original video was a horizontal 16×9 frame. This looks to be a vertical 4×3. You've chopped off both the left and right sections of the video. Why?

    2. Are you going to show us the newly released audio that accompanies this video?

    I think the audio will really add some much needed context here. It really helps to illustrate exactly why this happened when you can hear what a beligerent ass hole he was being up to the point of getting arrested, resisting that arrest, and having to be subdued by force.

    It also helps when you don't cut off the right side of the frame where his friend is sitting quietly and not being beaten on because he chose to comply with the officer's orders while his dumb ass friend chose not to.

  26. Mesa PD just released the audio… Yea, this vid didnt age well.

  27. Okay now stop lying and tell the truth.

  28. If you're not careful. The corporate media will have you hating the people that are being oppressed. And loving the people who are doing the oppressing.

  29. Has TYT ever put up a video where they dont completely lie about what's happening? Anyone watching can clearly see the guy isnt complying. My guess is he was also calling his homies for backup and that's why he was on the phone and refused to listen. Notice the other brown guy in the video who complied why didnt they do anything to him?

    Cops aren't not your judge or jury. They are not there to debate with you. We can barely afford to pay the officers we have let alone higher millions more that way every cop can sit for hours with a person until that person eventually decides they want to be arrested.

    What if they decide they dindu nuffin does that mean a cop cant arrest them especially if they are black? Tyt would never answer this and if they responded they would give some ridiculously vague reply that isnt even relevant. They would say "longer than they do" or "they should deesculate". Which of course isnt an answer and can mean anything but that's how race baiting cop hating racists like thos survive.