Trend: "Halloween" is expected to debut with $ 70 million; "The Hate U Give" spreads around the world

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GFREAK PENNE SONG! How was it trend # 1 | Like hate ending Trends ആയി? കള്ളകളി ?

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Viral Sach Full: Knowing the truth behind the viral video showing a boy insulting the tricolor | ABP News

[ad_1] To incite hatred in the country, a man claiming to be a Muslim insulted the tricolor flag. He made this video and then made it viral on social media. Look at this man's true truth and viral video. [ad_2] source

Video of Mesa Police Beating is why people hate Cops

[ad_1] This shocking viral video of the Mesa PD officers gang up and shout a disarmed victim after he's got off his phone is the manual definition of why people hate cops. @hasan piker breaks down how these officers and their facilitators are responsible for this hate, not the kneeling athletes. . [ad_2] source


[ad_1] An old mound man, or simply nuno ("old man" or "grandfather"), is a spirit of dwarf nature (anito) in Philippine mythology. He is believed to live in an anthill or termite mound, hence his name, literally "Ancestor / Grandparent living in the anthill". Watch the entire video to see how Dwarf dances over the … Read more