Viral launch | How do I use the Discovery Discovery Keyword Tutorial Revision Guide?


Viral launch | How do I use the product search keyword search feature

Viral Launch coupon code: SELLERTRADECRAFT | Normally, we use Viral Launch as a platform for gifts and their chrome extension that rivals the jungle scout. Casey, CEO of Viral Launch and his team have released a new private label tool to make all our lives easier. I have found from my personal experience that the viral launch data for market intelligence so that their product discovery tool is even better!

Plug in to find out what the viral launch has been up to and how it will help you to have more success on Amazon!

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15 thoughts on “Viral launch | How do I use the Discovery Discovery Keyword Tutorial Revision Guide?”

  1. a lot of these products have pretty high barriers to entry. It's great to build up to them, but most people only have under 5K as an initial investment. Myself included. I'd like to eventually get into these big ticket items, way less competition i think.

  2. Hey, great video man. Would you say that the potential profit for this item outweighs the risk associated with it being a larger and heavier item to source? In other words, do you think it's worth it even if it is generating over 10k profit? Thanks

  3. Hey Bud,
    Could you make a video on the structure and layout of how you keep your file folders set up for your Amazon business on your computer ? Mine are sort of a mess right now and I am looking to simplify them.
    Thank you !

  4. How can you compete when the competitors from the first page all have at least few hundred reviews? No way you will even make 2k a month starting up with no feedback unless you sell at breakeven and use ppc.

  5. Thanks for the tip! Can you please make a video on brand strategy? I'm confused whether it's best to build a store focused on a niche or a store that sells products from a variety of niches. :/

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