Viral motorcyclists enter the toll road, that is the answer Jasa Marga #Waspadaonline #viral


Motorcyclists of viral video enter the toll road, It Response Jasa Marga

#Waspadaonline #videoviral #toljagorawi #jasamarga – A viral video recording the desperate actions of impoverished motorists entering the Jagorawi toll road. The action was then perpetuated by a passenger car. This video was first uploaded via Instagram Stories @aliiif.

In the short video, it appears that motorists move between four-wheeled vehicles. The only driver was a black helmet, a jacket and a carrying bag.

In response to this, Jasa Marga asserted that there was a criminal penalty for impoverished motorists entering the toll road. Jasa Marga laments the irresponsibility of entering the Jagorawi toll road on Saturday (9/6) at noon.

"In the Road Traffic Act, there is a criminal provision," said PT Jasa Marga Dwimawan Heru's AVP Corporate Communication on Saturday (9/6).

With respect to tracking polluters entering the Jagorawi toll road, Dwimawan has not been able to provide information. He claimed the ban on motorcycles entering the toll road.

"We regret the existence of motorcycles to enter the toll road because it violates the traffic rules, we installed the signs well before the toll," he said.

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