VIRAL !! This is the fact of the boy who viral video His poetry suddenly, apparently it's about his father

#YtCrash – A video featuring a little boy reading a poem suddenly on social networks.
In the beginning, Internet users were led to not understand the poem read by this boy, but after being seen in its entirety, the poem had a very deep meaning, it was even deeply deepened.

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  1. Mendadak viral gimana. Iya sih, tapi video itu udah lama banget
    Hadeh baru tau ya ??

  2. Kecil aja uda gtu apalagi besarnya ?

  3. Astaga dek dek kecil kecil udh pinter buat puisi
    Aq aja udh besar masih agak susah buat pusi ??

  4. Bocah penerus bangsa, Good Boy 🙂

  5. Bocah aja bisa yg udah besar gak malu?

  6. negeri kita perlu generasi muda yang berbakat seperti ini

  7. Buah tidak jauh jatuh buah dari jauh pohonnya

  8. Tonton video lengkapnya ya ???

  9. Mantap nih anak viral kan jangan anak cuman modal joget joget doang viral halahh #tiktokperusakbangsa #hapustiktokdariindo

  10. Pas tampar aku itu bner" gokil penjiwaaannya

  11. Bowo ga ada apa"nya di banding sama anak ini

  12. Ini kan fatih unru ..
    Stand up comedy

  13. buah jatuh dari pohonnya pasti jatohnya di deket pohonnya